Women and Trucks

What are the fields today which do not see the feminine galore? Very few we suppose. And if not the fields (of any type), the roads would be grey and dull without them too. From medicine to health care, from business to astronomy, household management to technical education, women have made their mark be it any area of interest. When they plan it they go for it and there’s often no turning back.

And who’d wish to see a back turned when the journey sets off with so much of enthusiasm and zeal? This is exactly the case with female drivers; they haven’t missed out any chance of making the score even to that of their male counterparts, in fact outscored them in most cases.

When it comes to driving heavy duty vehicles, men take pride in their masculinity and the knowledge they possess oh-so-well about vehicles (probably their prime love) that they often undermine the fact that women have repeatedly proven to be great drivers. You see the use of ‘control’ they’ve repeatedly been taught since a tender age, what a better use could be than controlling a vehicle- a toy!

  • Sensing speed and approaching accidents is what women do better than men – have only men sensed the danger coming so frequently, the world would have been more peaceful!
  • Giving indicators about turns rather than doing it out of the blue- of course they war, they always do!
  • Better use of rear-view and side mirrors. Since they’re more into details of products (it always comes handy apart from shopping trips too).
  • Less habitual of cutting into busy traffic- They have their own way out of any difficulty.
  • Less into using cell phones for making calls or messaging while driving. The boredom on the other side could always wait.
  • Keeping up with the speed according to the situation- just the pace you need according to circumstances.
  • Staying within the speed limits. They set boundaries, they follow them first!
  • Stopping at signals. And they know when to come on a halt.
  • Causing fewer impediments on the busy roads- they often take their own lead.
  • Less likely to stick close to the vehicle in front of their own. Miles apart a bumper closer!

There are things that men outsmart women in, as well such as in control of the vehicle and with good observation about blind spots. Of course they’d be good at something- but only few things!

Women are not only driving domestic vehicles in today’s time, they are in the driver’s seat of heavy duty vehicles as well and many of the times they are doing a good job. Truck driving, however requires certain strengths that women need to master if they’re carrying the load of a giant vehicle under their palms (those hands have raised giants, vehicles are often a piece of cake but still it’s better to opt for a bit of practice). Most of the time, women who could lift at least 75 pounds at chest high and hop in and out of trucks many times a day can work as truck drivers. Also it must be kept in mind, that driving trucks includes being on duty regardless of the weather conditions or in any situation where a normal daytime job would sound cool (but normality is not what today’s woman looks for- she’s equally challenging- bring it on!). Along with physical strength and


Most Popular Car Imports for UK and Ireland

The UK is one of the largest and globalised economies in the world. In fact, the capital, London is considered as one of the largest financial cities is the world, (along with New York). The  UK and Ireland mainly imports manufactured goods, fuel, machinery and food items mainly from Germany, China, Netherlands, United States and France. But cars are also a major commodity imported to UK and Ireland. The following are most popular car imports.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is manufactured in the United States, Mexico and Japan. The civic is definitely one of the most imported cars to UK and Ireland. It is preferred for its energy efficiency, classic look and speed, although it is definitely not the fastest Honda in the market.

BMW 3 Series

This is the company’s Best-selling car and very popular in UK and Ireland. BMW 3 Series is manufactured in Germany. Although it is not one of the most affordable cars in the market compared to some of its rivals, it is very popular in UK and Ireland. The power is definitely an attracting factor, strong performance , stylish and luxurious outlook, and it is solid enough.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is among the most popular small family import cars in UK and Ireland. Manufactured in Japan and introduced imported in UK and Ireland a decade ago, Ford Focus has become popular among the UK and Ireland car fanatics.

Very classic, affordable and its availability in multiple body styles has made Ford Focus one of the most imported and popular cars.

Volkswagen Golf

The VW Golf is redefined, enjoyable and comfortable to drive. Solid car manufactured in Germany, very stylish classy, strong performance yet relatively affordable in UK. Suspension quite impressive and will allow to ride in serenity even on rough roads. The VW Golf is quite spacious and excellent for family use.

Vauxhall Astra

You cannot complete the list of most popular car imports without mentioning the popular Vauxhall Astra, very popular among young drivers and college students.

One of the reasons behind Astra’s popularity in UK and Ireland is that the modern version is quite stylish, comfortable ride and speed is also good.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford fiesta is also among the most popular Irish car imports. Not quite stylish but quite affordable. It is comfortable and the performance is quite impressive. It is manufactured in different countries notably Brazil, Mexico, Argentina China and India. the Fiesta is one most popular used cars in Northern Ireland. A great resource for car owners to ensure their car is fully road legal is askMID.





New Volvo FM car transporter

The latest Euro-6 compliant Volvo FM is configured to handle all kinds of car transport requirements and is one of the most popular trucks for sale. The height of the new Volvo FM car transporter has purposely been left low and it also has a rigid sleeper cab measuring 6×2. This particular truck has been manufactured in association and partnership with Transporter Engineering who along with Belle Rolfo have managed to construct a very innovative car transporter that is capable of ferrying as many as eleven cars at one time. The new Volvo FM car transporter was introduced into the market in the year 2013. Its main feature is its all spanking fresh chassis. At the same time, it also retains the same suspension as is found in the FH.

One of the other features that make the new Volvo FM car transporter one of the popular lorries for sale is its low cab height. Furthermore, the gross weight of this truck is about twenty-one thousand and four hundred and fifty kilograms. In this regard, the weight of this truck is the same as the Euro-5 version. The front axle can take up to nine thousand kilograms and the pusher is able to carry four thousand five hundred kilos while the drive axle can handle up to eleven thousand five hundred kilograms.

Another thing that makes the Euro-6 compliant Volvo FM stand out is its optimized chassis space, which results in better fuel capacity as well as AdBlue capacity. The truck also comes with a large fuel tank that is capable of holding as many as three hundred and thirty litres. The fuel tank is located on the right side of the chassis though there is a side fuel tank that is located on the left side and this tank is able to hold between one hundred and seventy and two hundred and ten litres of fuel.

The pusher axle is designed to provide improved prop shaft clearance and the overall construction is also much lighter. The truck’s wheelbase is unchanged at 3900 millimetres.

The Euro-6 compliant Volvo FM car transporter has two engine options: D11K and the D13K. The truck’s profile is also very clean and on the rear panel of the cab are mounted the Telematic Gateway, which is a standard feature of all on-road Euro-6 Volvo FMs.

Inside the cab, there is a push-button controller that is an optional feature that can be mounted on the dash. This feature allows for automatic I-Shift gearbox operations. Overall, the Euro-6 compliant Volvo FM is a specialist truck, which has been developed to allow for changes taking place in the automobile market. It can easily carry SUVs and crossover vehicles. have dealers from both the UK and Ireland listing their trucks for sale.


Transporting Cars To Different Countries

Transporting cars to different countries can be very challenging, based on the requirements needed. You might want to move your car from your country to another, but how should you go about it? Normally, a car would be shipped to a different country, due to their heavy weight. However, if it is a bordering country, or one that is near enough, they can be moved using a truck. But what are the things that you should know prior to transporting your vehicle?
Do A Thorough Research
Before making a deal with any company, you must research about it as much as you can. You will want to leave your car on safe and trusted hands. In this, you will need to know about the costs of the company, ask your friends about it, or read the reviews on the website. Basically, make enough comparison for finding the best company to deal with.

Prepare Your Documents Well
You will also need to prepare the appropriate paperwork, which will support and protect your car while on transit, and prove ownership. Here are some of the documents that you will be required to have;
• Title of Ownership Certificate. You will need to present this document to prove ownership of the vehicle.
• Certificate of Origin. This is a document that will be provided by the dealership, if it is a new vehicle. It acts as a custom clearance, which is very vital.

Clear With The Customs Clearance Broker
This is a company or a person who processes the paperwork and the vehicle that you are transporting. The document and vehicle processing will be done via the import regulations of the destination country. The charges of the Customs Clearance Broker will range from a country to another.

Understand The Destination Charges
Apparently, there is no rigid cost for transporting cars, conversely, every country will have its own charges that are applied. You will therefore need to understand the destination charges, which are the costs imposed for offloading the vehicle. Another charge included in the destination charges is the documentation fees.

The Import Duties/Taxes
If you are transporting your car from another country to Ireland, you might be eligible to import duties and taxes, which have been imposed. The charges will range, depending on the origin of the vehicle.

Inquire The Price Offered By The Company
The shipping quote that has been made by a different shipping company is very vital when choosing the most ideal. It is always advised to know how much you will be paying to transport the car. Usually, every company will have different shipping quotes. Some might have some hidden costs, so it is therefore advised to keenly follow and know what it will cost to transport your vehicle. Always try to compare about 4 shipping companies, then go for the most affordable.

Transporting cars might be tedious and expensive, but if you follow the right way, you will actually find it easy and it will not cost you that much money. All in all, inquire to know more about the charges applied before you make any deals with any shipping company. Make an approximate cost needed to transport your car, for the sake of avoiding future inconveniences. If you plan on doing it yourself make sure you check out the best trucks for sale at Everything Motoring.